Making bath time easier…PLUS a giveaway

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For many dogs, the word ‘bath’ ranks up there with ‘going to the vet’ on the list of their least favourite activities. Both these undertakings are for your pup’s own good – but often you wouldn’t know it from the way they behave!

A bath is the best way to ensure that your dog has a clean, healthy coat and…well…there’s no polite way to say this…doesn’t smell.

Here are three things to keep in mind next time your furry friend starts to smell a bit whiffy:

One size does not fit all:  Smaller dogs should fit in your laundry sink or a suitably sized tub or bucket. Bigger dogs will be better suited visiting a hydrobath – or alternatively you can arm yourself with a hose and a bucket at home!

Treats make baths sweet: Rewarding calm behaviour at the beginning and end of bath time will help your dog to think more positively about the whole process. Rewards could include a tasty treat, a new toy or a favourite game.

Use a shampoo that is actually made for dogs: This one might seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning! Dogs have sensitive skin with a different pH to us. If you use your own shampoo, you risk striping, dryness and interfering with flea control. A good dog shampoo will help remove loose hair and other debris, discourage fleas and mites, soothe your pet’s skin and make their coat shiny, healthy and fragrant (that last one will only be temporary, let’s be honest).  

Thanks to the generosity of our friends at Doggone Gorgeous - who are celebrating the release of their new Waterless Shampoo products - we have a range of dog grooming products to give away, including super shine shampoo, coat spray and much more! For your chance to enter, comment on our bath blog post over on the RSPCA Australia Facebook page  or email us at and tell us about your most memorable doggie bath time experience.*

For inspiration, we asked a couple of the staff here at RSPCA Australia to share stories about bath time adventures they’ve had with their own dogs:

 ‘I remember our attempt to wash Bruce at the hydrobath was very entertaining for the spectators. Particularly when he tried to hide under the plastic chair next to the hydrobath,’

– Kristy, owner of Bruce – an enormous Rottweiler who definitely did not fit under that plastic chair.

 ‘I remember washing my dog Molly because she had rolled in fox poo/wombat poo/dead animal, then taking her for a walk. And what is the first thing she does? Rolls in something stinky again. My idea of a nice smelling dog was clearly a lot different from hers.’  – Bidda, whose German shepherd cross Molly loved jumping out of the bath and shaking water all over her!


*Competition is open to Australian residents only and closes at midnight AEDT on March 14 2017. For terms and conditions, click here