The week in animal welfare: Volume #2

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Want to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of animal welfare, but not sure where to start? Never fear!  We’ve assembled a roundup of the most recent must-reads.  

So, without further ado, make yourself a cup of tea (or other preferred beverage), get comfortable and have a click through the week in animal welfare:

Euthanasia of healthy greyhounds sparks call for stronger penalties: Previously unreleased internal greyhound racing industry documents have revealed a NSW greyhound owner had six healthy young dogs killed within three weeks of obtaining them, despite the original owner offering to take the dogs back.

Live export must be stopped: Earlier this week, the Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, introduced a Private Member’s Bill to Parliament, calling for a three year wind down of the live export industry.  Take the time to watch his speech if you can, not only does he address the cruelty of live export, he also calls out other major animal welfare issues, including hens in battery cages and live-baiting in greyhound racing.

Live exports: ‘Cruelty’ is cash barrier for EFIC:  The Federal Government’s export finance credit agency is not lending money to live exporters because the sector involves “too much cruelty”. The EFIC said it conducts due diligence on each application, ‘looking at the standards of the exporter in Australia and at how the cattle would be treated in the destination country’, and that it had once provided support to a live exporter, around 10-12 years ago.

RSPCA issue Queensland man with hundreds of animal welfare charges over alleged puppy farm: RSPCA Queensland has laid a record 215 charges against the owner of an alleged puppy farm where dogs were kept in “appalling conditions.”

Night parrot sighting in Western Australia shocks birdwatching world:  Before now, there hadn’t been a confirmed sighting of this rare bird in WA in almost a hundred years.

Five brave dogs that saved a child’s life: This article was published to celebrate National Puppy Day in the U.S. Warning: may contain stories that are heart-warming and/or incredibly sad.

Before we let you go, we’ll just quickly plug the posts that have been published on this very blog in the last week:

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