Your cage free eggs might be produced by companies that use battery cages

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Do you buy cage-free eggs?

If you do, thank you. Whether you prefer free-range or barn laid, the fact that you’re avoiding eggs produced by hens in battery cages means that you’re standing up for animal welfare and want hens to have a life worth living.

But did you know that some of the biggest players in the cage egg industry are also producing some of Australia’s best-known brands of barn-laid and free-range eggs?

For millions of layer hens, their quality of life comes down to the luck of the draw. As young hens they could be sent to the cage-free farms where they have space to stretch, flap their wings and lay their eggs in a nest. Or they could be sent to a battery cage farm and locked inside a barren battery cage for their entire lives, with less space than the size of an A4 sheet of paper.

As consumers, many of us have made the switch to cage-free eggs because we know battery cages are cruel and outdated.  And because of this, sales of cage-free eggs in supermarkets are surpassing cage eggs.

It’s time for cage egg producers to make the switch to 100% cage-free housing systems for hens. These companies already understand the value of cage-free egg farming; they just need their customers to push them along. 

If you buy cage-free eggs but want businesses that also use cages to make the switch, please take a few minutes to tell them to end the battery cage.