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[To the Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee, Review of the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock]

Supplementary submission – 6,623 community submissions on Stage 2 Draft Report

As the Technical Advisory Committee is aware, community interest in the welfare of exported animals is extremely high. Government has a core obligation to listen to the community and to take their concerns into account when making significant policy decisions.

Recommendation 1 of the Moss Review recognises this, and calls on the Australian Government to ensure “the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock are reviewed on a regular basis to reflect industry, scientific and regulatory developments and community expectations concerning live animal exports.” The Government has accepted this recommendation in full.

The Government should ensure that the process for the community to have its say is easy and accessible to all members of the community. In our view, the ‘Have Your Say’ platform does not provide a simple process for the community to provide input to the review process. It requires individuals to register their personal details and set up an account with the platform. This may exclude many concerned members of the community who could have reservations about doing this.  

To address these concerns, we offered concerned members of the public the option to authorise RSPCA Australia to convey their comments and concerns to the review process as part of a supplementary submission that we would make. The submission these community members have asked us to forward on their behalf is attached.

In total, 6,623 individuals took up this option. The individual particulars of all of these Australians are outlined in the Excel spreadsheet attached to this letter so they can be verified as unique submissions. Note that each submission contains unique content (a personalised message), in addition to the attached. These submissions have been conveyed to the Minister and we now take the opportunity to convey them to the ASEL Review.

We ask the Committee to take the views of these individuals into account in determining the final report and recommendations.