Taste and welfare go together, says the Coast Café Milton

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When Allysia Robinson, owner and operator of the Coast Café Milton first decided to serve higher welfare eggs, chicken and ham at the café, it wasn’t necessarily the norm. But since making the change, she feels her team has come closer together thanks to their shared commitment to animal welfare.

“It has created a real sense of pride within the team as we feel like we're 'doing the right thing',” Allysia says. And it’s not just the staff who were pleased – over the past decade there has been a positive change in food trends. Consumers want transparency about ingredients and sources and the treatment and welfare of the animals involved is definitely part of that.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their choices and are seeking out food establishments that meet this need,” Allysia says. “Supermarkets are an example of a mainstream industry that is making the transition to meet this progressive customer demand.”

It’s one thing for large corporations to change their practices though, and another for a small business. But the Coast Café Milton has always been willing to be the first to dip their toe in the water. The café is housed in a heritage building built in 1874, in the historic township of Milton on the NSW South Coast. From the very beginning, Allysia was committed to sourcing local wherever she could, as well as focussing on higher welfare animal products.

It’s a decision that sees the Coast Café listed on RSPCA Australia’s Choose Wisely directory that links consumers with venues that serve cage-free eggs. Which is a big deal when you consider the majority of eggs used in food service come from hens in battery cages.

“Animal welfare is something I feel very strongly about and this is my way of supporting that choice,” Allysia says.

And the results speak for themselves. “Our food tastes far better as the quality is higher therefore providing our customers with better value for money and comfort regarding sourcing,” Allysia says.

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that we’ve never been more interested in and connected to the origins of the food we eat, and the Coast Café is joining other businesses across Australia who are putting higher welfare at the forefront of their offerings.

For more information on venues serving higher welfare food, visit www.choosewisely.com.au.

Coast Café Milton: 107 Princes Highway Milton NSW