How did the Boxing Day Test help free hens from cages? The answer might bowl you over

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Although the outcome of the Boxing Day Test may be better left forgotten by Aussie cricket fans, there was a different reason to celebrate the MCG being on a good wicket.

The MCG is easily Australia’s most iconic sporting venue, and it is now also working hard to help free 10.7 million hens still living in cages in Australia.

Spotless, the MCG’s official caterer has committed to using only cage-free eggs in all its venues and facilities by 2023, however the good news is the MCG has already been cage-free and proud for over two years through Spotless’ premium caterer EPICURE.

With 73,516 Aussies pouring through the gates at the MCG on December 26, over 5,000 cage-free eggs were also served up.

It is commitments like this that are helping end the use of cruel and barren battery cages in Australia. With Spotless serving over 6 million eggs nationally each year, it’s easy to see how big its impact on bettering the lives of Aussie hens will be.

Spotless has joined many other major Australian brands and companies in the cage-free movement such as Grill’d,  Arnott’s, Subway, McDonald’s, Coles, Woolworths and ALDI. See the full list here: Cage Free and Proud.