Keeping pets happy and entertained during home isolation

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Staying at home will be tough at times, but we want you to make the most of self-isolation with your pets. These uncertain times are a great way to forge even stronger bonds with our pets, and our furry, feathered and finned friends can help continue to bring us comfort.


Keeping cats safe and happy at home is great way to keep your cat healthy. One quirk about cats to remember is that some don’t want attention and to play all the time. Ensuring your kitty has somewhere to escape to and adequate access to litter trays will be important, especially if they’re not quite used to people being home 24/7.



Ensure your pet has some different toys to play with and rotate them to bring some variety and help them avoid boredom.


Not all pets are the same, and what one dog or cat likes to do, may not be what the next furry friend wants to.  Use this time to really learn what your pet loves to do – you might even work out some new games to play.

Most of all, enjoy this time to slow down at home and enjoy your pet’s company.

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