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The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is currently reviewing Marine Order 43, which sets the standards for the safe operation of livestock carriers.

They’re now asking for public comment on new proposed standards – but we only have until Friday 8 June.



While we continue to fight for an end to live animal exports, the proposed AMSA standards are an opportunity to have an impact upon conditions for exported animals.

For example, they’ve proposed to phase out high-risk twin-tier ships and ships with poor ventilation systems.

But in order to get these changes through, they need our support.

Before the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL) were introduced, AMSA had responsibility for the stocking density of animals on board live export ships.

Given the repeated failures of the Department of Agriculture as the regulator, due to the influence of the government policy and the live export industry, we think this responsibility should be returned to AMSA.

We believe AMSA is in a valuable position to act upon the concerns of the community, take up responsibility for the number of animals boarded, and introduce strong standards to remove some of the worst ships in the trade, ASAP.


Submissions toward the public consultation have now closed.

Thank you to the 7000+ people who made a submission through RSPCA Australia.