"We never say anything that we can't back up with a good argument and as much evidence as is available," - Dr Bidda Jones, RSPCA Australia Chief Scientist.

Animal welfare science is about using scientific principles and research to determine the impact of our actions on animals, be they farm animals, companion animals, animals used in research and teaching, entertainment or sport, or wildlife.

The importance of science in influencing Government decisions and policies has increased and so has the RSPCA's role in this process.

RSPCA Australia uses peer-reviewed scientific research to inform our policies, positions and campaigns. We also produce a quarterly Science Update to highlight new published scientific papers that help contribute to our understanding of animal welfare. Annually, we organise a Scientific Seminar to explore the latest developments in animal welfare research.

Science Update

A quarterly review of the latest animal welfare research relevant to the work of the RSPCA.


Animal Welfare Seminar

RSPCA Australia's Animal Welfare Seminar is an annual event - with much lively debate - bringing together key experts in animal welfare research.


Public Lectures

An opportunity for RSPCA to collaborate with key animal welfare research institutions in Australia by hosting a series of talks around the country on topical animal welfare issues.