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Forward-thinking organisations that consider animal welfare in their operations enhance and retain their social licence to operate, identify market opportunities, increase brand reputation and are part of a growing movement that cares about the welfare of animals.

So if your organisation is reviewing animal-based products sourced for human or pet consumption in your supply chain, get in touch with the RSPCA Australia team at, or take a look at the below documents for more information on how you can make a lasting and positive impact for animals by ensuring these products are responsibly sourced.

How to develop an animal welfare policy

How to develop an animal welfare policy

Key components of an animal welfare policy.

Key procurement goal

Key procurement goals

Quick and easy tips for responsible product sourcing.

Domesticated animals

Non-domesticated animals

NOTE: RSPCA Australia is opposed to the killing of wild animals for commercial purposes unless this meets specific criteria and to the farming of animals taken from the wild, due to the risk of pain, injury or distress arising from the capture, transport, handling and long-term confinement of these animals. See our policy on the utilisation of wild animals.

Aquatic animals