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Do you know where the eggs on your breakfast plate have come from?

Right now in Australia, more than 10 million hens are still confined to barren battery cages. That’s over 70 per cent of the total number of layer hens in Australia.

They are standing on bare wire, with no space to stretch or flap their wings, to dust bathe, forage or nest, or express any other natural behaviours.

But wait!? Given most compassionate Australians are choosing cage-free eggs in the supermarket, where do those battery cage eggs end up?

They are the eggs you might be ordering when you eat out, and are used as ingredients in products you buy.

So what can you do? Take the pledge, and choose to only eat at venues that serve cage-free eggs.


 Take The Pledge Today!


Take The Pledge

By taking the cage-free pledge:

  • You’ll be increasing demand for cage-free eggs, and encouraging more businesses to switch to higher welfare eggs.
  • You’ll be showing your support for the Aussie farmers who are leading their industry in putting hen welfare first, and providing a better life for their hens.
  • You’ll be adding your voice to the thousands who are already calling for government and industry to take action to end the battery cage in Australia for good!


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