Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty

While Australia is overwhelmingly a nation of animal lovers, unfortunately there are still some in our community who treat animals cruelly. The RSPCA is committed to helping those animals in need through our state-based Inspectorate services.

Nationally, the RSPCA employs over 100 Inspectors throughout the country. Every year, they take on the challenging task of responding to approximately 50,000 reports of animal mistreatment.

The Inspectorate plays a vital role within the RSPCA, and maintaining their presence is essential in providing continuity of animal welfare services to the community.

Unfortunately it costs a lot to maintain this service. The associated costs of funding just one RSPCA Inspector can be as much as $100,000 each year, which constitutes a large part of each Society's annual budget. While each state and territory RSPCA struggles to raise enough funds for its existing Inspectors, the sad reality is that, more inspectors are desperately needed.

Report animal cruelty

Report animal crueltyIt can be difficult to witness animal cruelty but the best chance of it not happening again is by reporting it to your local RSPCA.

What is animal cruelty?

What is animal cruelty?Acts of violence towards animals, animal neglect and even psychological harm are all forms of animal cruelty and can result in large fines or imprisonment. Each state and territory has legislation that prohibits animal cruelty.

Our powers

Our powersRSPCA Inspectors have a range of powers to enforce animal welfare law and investigate animal cruelty offences. The Inspectorate works with animal owners to educate and advise them on appropriate animal care.