Working with Farming Industries

Working with Farming Industries

Farming industries are responsible for the care of millions of Australian farm animals, which means they are an important group for the RSPCA to engage with in driving animal welfare improvements across the supply chain – i.e. from farm all the way through to processing.

The RSPCA works with the farming industry’s peak bodies to develop animal welfare standards and to effect positive change in animal husbandry and management across the wider industry. The RSPCA also works directly with farmers who choose to participate in the Approved Farming Scheme and the Beef Cattle Welfare Challenge.

Agriculture in Australia - Our Role

Throughout its long history, the RSPCA has proven its commitment to working with the livestock sector to achieve improvements in farm animal welfare.


RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme

The RSPCA has developed animal welfare standards for the care of layer hens, pigs, meat chickens and turkeys. RSPCA Approved means farm animals have had a better quality of life.


Beef Cattle Welfare

The RSPCA’s vision for better welfare for beef cattle aims to assist the industry to continually improve and set high animal welfare standards.